Youth Orchestra Waikato
2024 Auditions

Deadline extension for specified instruments:

Friday 16 February 2024
Specific instruments:
Double Bass

Youth Orchestra Waikato 2024
Information and audition instructions

Are you a keen orchestral player, Grade 6+ and 13 years or older and you play the oboe, bassoon, horn, trombone, viola, cello or double bass? Audition for YOW and find your musical crew - join in the epic music making and amazing performance opportunities!

Auditions for YOW 2024 are to be recorded and submitted via the online YOW Audition Registration Form by
Friday 16 February 2024.

Full information and instructions can be found below, with the information also downloadable as a pdf document by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

About Youth Orchestra Waikato

Youth Orchestra Waikato (YOW) draws upon young musicians from throughout the Waikato. The orchestra caters for young people in the 13 - 25 age range, although exceptions will be made in certain circumstances. The orchestra rehearses on Friday nights 6.30 - 9pm during the secondary school term at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato. The orchestra works on four programmes a year.

YOW's Principal Conductor is Simon Brew and the Associate Conductor is Catherine Polglase. The conductors are assisted by an expert team of tutors who are involved in rehearsals and sectional workshops. The YOW Manager is Catherine Polglase and Robert Lummus is our Librarian.

YOW musicians can take part in other Orchestras Central activities as appropriate, and attend other Orchestras Central events.

Subscription fees

New Members
Secondary or middle school student or full time waged - $330 GST inclusive (includes cost of YOW T-Shirt)
Tertiary level student in full time study - $165 GST inclusive (includes cost of YOW T-Shirt)

Returning Members
Secondary or middle school student or full time waged - $265 GST inclusive
Tertiary level student in full time study - $132 GST inclusive

Camp cost
$165 GST inclusive

In cases of financial hardship Orchestras Central may be able to award partial or full fees support.  If you wish to be considered for such support please tick the subscription support option in the registration form and we will contact you.

YOW dates for 2024

Friday 16 February | first rehearsal
Friday 8 March - Sunday 10 March | YOW Camp Epworth, Karapiro
Sunday 24 March | Cambridge Autumn Festival Concert
Saturday 22 June | Kaleidoscope - formal concert
Saturday 24 August | Youth Showcase with Te Rauhi and WCSM
Friday 6 September | Schools Tour
Saturday 7 September - Sunday, 8 September | NZSQ Strings Workshop
Sunday 8 December | Celebrate the Season

Recording instructions

Record yourself on the best quality recording device you have.

  • Say your name

  • Say the name of each piece/excerpt before you play.  Violin 1 auditions - please pay the Beethoven excerpt first

  • Play scales

Auditions will be judged on the following points: tone, intonation, style, rhythm, musicality, confidence, and preparation. If you have any questions, please email

What to record

  • Two contrasting sections of 2-3 mins from your repertoire. Choose sections that you have worked on with your teacher and demonstrate your current ability. eg. the exposition or section from a sonata, concerto, exam or NCEA piece.

  • Percussionists are expected to audition this year - please play piano or mallet percussion 2-3 min of a piece demonstrating your current ability AND demonstrate a range of rhythms, and a roll on any drum or practice pad.

  • Scales listed for your instrument (see below) this is to show your agility, intonation and range.

  • Violins - if you want to be considered for the 1st Violin section OR the front desk of the 2nd violins please record the excerpt from Beethoven 7 Symphony (see below) click here for Beethoven Symphony 7 recordings to help your preparation.

  • Concerto soloists - those wanting to be considered as a concerto soloist please play the full exposition of the movement you would like to perform as your solo and click the box on the audition registration form.

Uploading your recording

  1. Upload your recording to a file-sharing website (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive) and set the privacy of the link to 'anyone with this link can view' so we can see it.


  2. Upload your recording to a video-sharing website (e.g. Youtube or Vimeo) and set to 'unlisted'
    Go to
    Sign in or create an account
    Click Upload Set privacy setting to ‘unlisted’ (this is very important)
    Upload your audition clip

  3. Copy and paste the video link into your online registration form.


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