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Your personal contact information is used to contact you about Orchestras Central Trust’s (OCT) upcoming events and news. It is held by OCT only and is not shared with any other organisations without your express permission. 

If you would like to see any information we hold about you, please get in touch using the contact  form. If we hold any incorrect information, please let us know so we can amend this. If you choose not to receive information for OCT at any time in the future, please contact us.

During our concert and events, Orchestras Central will at times take photographs or videos for promotional or grant accountability purposes and your image may be used in publicity material. 

If you are photographed, filmed or taped, you consent to OCT or third parties appointed by OCT photographing, filming and taping you. OCT or third parties appointed by OCT can broadcast, publish, license and use any such photographs, film, recordings and images of you without compensation. OCT, the third parties and anyone acquiring from them a right to use the material are not liable to you in any way for its use.

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