Board of Trustees

Julie Hardaker (chair)

Julie Hardaker was mayor of Hamilton from 2010 – 2016 and has been a strong supporter of the arts for many years. She has practiced law for over 25 years and operates her own law firm in Hamilton. Julie is also a governance professional and a Chartered Fellow of The Chartered Governance Institute. She is chair of Governance New Zealand and Women on Boards, a director of Bay Venues Limited, and former chair of New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority.  Julie holds other private and not-for-profit board roles. Julie has a strong interest in governance training and supporting women to achieve governance success.

Kim Budd (deputy chair)

Kim has been the principal of Kaipaki school since 2017. She plays violin, flute, and piano and was a member of the Waikato Secondary Schools Orchestra. Kim plays with the Rusty Player Orchestra.

Heather Connolly

Heather is the Director of Engagement and Executive Education for the Waikato Management School at the University of Waikato.  Prior to taking up this role, Heather taught strategy at the University for 10 years and was actively involved with the Waikato MBA.  Heather, who is often found at business events in the region, is also a passionate advocate for the arts, having studied piano, flute, violin and singing in her earlier years.  More recently she has been known for her involvement in bands in the Waikato as a vocalist.  She is also a supporter of musical theatre working both on and backstage over the years, with the various groups in the Waikato. Now with her children and their musical aspirations, her passion lies in creating a sustainable musical ecosystem for the next generation of musicians.  Heather has had prior governance roles as a trustee for 7 years for Endeavour School (Chair for 4 years), as well as in the past for Hamilton Operatic Society.

Theresa Le Bas

Theresa is the senior partner of Tompkins Wake’s Environmental Law Team, with more than 25 years’ legal experience in national law firms in both New Zealand and Australia. Tompkins Wake is a national law firm with particularly strong ties to the Waikato community, nurtured through the provision of legal services in Hamilton for nearly a century and in Rotorua for more than a century. Theresa is a current board member of the Tompkins Wake Board and a trustee of the Rotorua Public Arts Trust. To balance out the analytical focus of daily working life, Theresa is an enthusiastic amateur cellist, an occasional pianist and a keen masters rower. Theresa plays with the Rusty Player Orchestra.

David Waine

David is the Founder/Director of Matley Financial Services. He has an interest in companies and business in general, with an uncanny ability to reference cases and legislation, as well as being involved in different governance roles in national and local committees. David is also a Trustee of the South Waikato Achievement Trust, the Woodlands Trust at Gordonton, Chair of John Paul Vincentian Trust, Chair of Rangiura Rest Home, Secretary of the Animal Welfare Foundation and Treasurer of the Waikato JP Association. 


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