The Adventures of Pat the Pātētē

OCT Ensemble

Date and time:
Saturday 14 September (Cambridge)
3.30pm - 4.30pm

Date and time:
Sunday 15 September 2024 (Putāruru)
3pm - 4pm

Following the successful 2023 premiere of The Adventures of Pat the Pātētē in Hamilton, OCT Ensemble will tour to Cambridge and Putāruru. 

Introducing the sounds of the orchestra and taonga pūoro (traditional Māori instruments), this is a charming family-friendly story about courage, guardianship and the environment around us.  Follow the journey of Pat, a brown teal (pāteke/pātētē), one of the rarest waterfowl in the world as he meets other struggling wildlife, and recognise the initiatives to protect them.  Pat travels from the Coromandel, through Hamilton and onwards to Wellington.  On his journey young Pat encounters stoats and rats, is woken by the chattering of tui and fantails and encounters the endangered longfin eels and Peka Peka, long-tailed bats in Hamilton Gardens.  Ruru Morepork guides Pat to travel south where he arrives at his forever home at Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne.


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