Rusty Players

Got an instrument lurking under a bed somewhere?
Love making music but no-one to play with?
Been a long time since you played?
Play one instrument well but still learning a second?
Interested in learning a percussion instrument?

Then this is is for you! Rusty Players is a fun, relaxed way to blow the dust of your instrument!

NEXT EVENT: Rusties in the Garden


Join us at Seasons Festival in the Hamilton Gardens –  Music is available on the Player Portal now, and email Anne-Marie to sign up to play! Bring your instrument and music, and a picnic blanket for the family to come and watch!

Guest Conductor – Jody Thomas


  • No pressure to be perfect – just get in and have a go.
  • No scary solos, no audience other than those you invite to the end of day final play through
  • Aimed at players age 18+
  • Music Suitable for players at Grade 4 or above
  • No obscure music just well known pieces to play – and we send you the music prior to the day, so no surprises
  • Haven’t got an instrument any more? We might be able to help – note your request on your registration
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Meet our Conductor


Comments from attendees of our first event…

Thank you for putting this event together, and thank you to all the tutors…Was a great thing to do – very rusty!…As I do shift work, it is quite hard to commit to an orchestra.  These one-day things are fantastic! Thanks!… Really enjoyed today.  It was a challenge but very helpful tutor eased the way…Was great! Would love to do more of this…Thank you for organising this! For the encouragement, the fun, the help of professionals and the lovely afternoon tea... It was a great day!

Comments from attendees of our second event…

Thank you for a fun day….I play with TWSO and loved being able to support the rusty players (and some of them were really good!)…It was such good fun to be playing whilst the cyclists were going around us…I came as part of the Rusty Choir, when can we do that again

Comments from our third event…

.I’m learning a second instrument now and would like to come back with that if you’ll have me…I was part of the Rusty Choir but this time I’ve brought an instrument….This was worth an 8 am trip to Te Awamutu on a Sunday morning!…wow i loved that when is the next one!

I love love love coming along to Rusty days, the informality and casual nature is perfect and a good selection of music, something for all levels usually, just a great general vibe.  

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