STRATEGIC PLAN 2022 - 2025

Orchestras Central is driven by an unshakeable belief in the transformative potential of orchestras.  Through our orchestras and projects, we provide lifelong experiences to engage across our community.  We believe orchestras are for everyone and an essential part of a thriving region.  By making orchestral music accessible throughout the Waikato, we create connection, support wellbeing, and encourage people to discover and hear different voices and experiences.


All people of the Waikato can benefit from extraordinary orchestral experiences


We provide orchestral experiences that are accessible throughout the Waikato, deeply part of our community, and bring inspiration and joy to people of all ages and backgrounds


  • A flourishing orchestral ecosystem

  • Extensive audiences and player participation

  • A compelling annual programme with dynamic partnerships and projects

  • Strong social connections across diverse communities

  • Recognition of the relationship of tangata whenua and their tikanga with their taonga in the Waikato

  • The go-to organisation for orchestral experiences in the Waikato

  • Resilience and Sustainability


  • Responsive - we adapt to the changing needs of the world around us

  • Collaborative - we recognise the strength of combined contributions

  • Generous - we work inclusively, seeking to get the best out of everyone

  • Respectful - we acknowledge the mana of tangata whenua and the diverse cultures in the Waikato region

  • Reflective - we are considered and use what we learn to develop and improve

  • Focused - what we do we do well


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