The Audience Challenge

We love sharing our love of music and we need your help to spread the word!  Here are some small ways you can make a big difference.

Where could I put flyers or posters?
Most post offices, cafés, churches, community centres, dentist/doctor/vet’s receptions, and many more will happily display flyers and/or posters if asked. We already have a comprehensive distribution list but we’d love help – and more places. And you never know what other doors could open through a chat with a receptionist!

What am I part of?
If you’re part of a community group of any sort –  reading group, exercise class, choir, historical society, nature group, write group, retirement village, social group – talk to them about why you love coming to the concerts. Could you invite one, or a group, of them to come to the next concert with you? Does the group you belong to send regular emails or newsletters to group members and could they use that to tell the members about the concerts?

Who do I know?
Think through your address book. Who might like to take a risk and try a concert for free in the safe company of a friend? Who loves our region, appreciates arts and culture, and is part of a business – large or small – who might be interested in investing in the future of the arts in the Waikato?

What else do I love doing?
Do you love social media? Could you share our Facebook posts? Do you love organising and motivating? Could you join (or form, depending on where you live) another ‘friends’ group to proactively support the concerts? Do you love walking or cycling? Could you give your time to co-ordinate flyer and poster distribution?

What could I give?
Could you give a sum of money, small or large, regular or one-off?

How can I encourage someone else to come to a concert?
We offer free tickets to all school-aged children and to all Youth Orchestra members. Tertiary students can attend our concerts for just $10. We will also provide a complimentary ticket to any driver or caregiver of a concert-goer without their own means of transport. (We just ask that they share their email address with us so we can keep them up to date with future events). We offer a ‘how to guide‘ for those new to the orchestral experience and, if we know in advance, can sometimes arrange for new concert-goers to come backstage for a VIP experience. We can also arrange ‘client hosting’ experiences for our sponsors so they too can share our wonderful music!

Our programme is kept up to date on our website and Facebook page, so there’s always information about upcoming concerts available and easy to share, and we will also happily share a digital copy of the programme in the days before a concert – just ask!

How can I share and talk about the concerts online?
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Who do I contact?



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