And now a word from our players – a symphony of reasons to attend our next concert

There’s nothing like hearing a message straight from the horse’s mouth (or in this case the violinist…or the trumpeter…or the horn player…)

We asked our musicians why they thought you should come and enjoy our next concert. This is what they said…

  • A ticket to the concert is a great present.
  • Impress your date with something a little bit posh
  • It’s a way to stretch your mind
  • Introduce your kids to something amazing. You might get them inspired to learn an instrument
  • There’s a good chance you know someone on the stage. They’d love your support.
  • The afternoon concert is a good one for kids or aging parents. No late night required.
  • The Youth Orchestra will be performing soon. Come and support young musicians.
  • TWSO is doing a concert with a choir.  There’ll be 80 singers. It will be fantastic.
  • Participate and listen to local Waikato musicians playing and singing in the Christmas concert
  • You’ll get to listen to a cool collection of music
  • Our own internationally renowned Simon O’Neil has been specially released from Europe to perform with Opus Orchestra
  • ‘Song of the Earth’ is a chance to hear Mahler sung by one of the best in the world
  • Opus Orchestra has its last scheduled concert in November – hear the best by the best
  • Everyone secretly loves classical music, even if they don’t know it
  • Come and support a muso you know! You hear them practice, now come and see what it all sounds like put together
  • The stand of performance will blow you away.
  • It’s inspiring to see so many students giving up their time for YOW
  • Hear someone your age play great music
  • You’ll get a concert with a great variety of music
  • Inspiring for kids to see what young people can do
  • Music is good for the soul
  • Its a way better alternative for a date than the cinema
  • This is a gentle and inexpensive way to introduce classical music to young children
  • It’s a great family outing, and time with grandparents
  • COME! Because we are the future of music – a family and community-friendly, low-cost concert that will kick off the Christmas season…and because we are totally awesome!
  • Don’t miss out or you’ll be waiting til next year!
  • To enjoy great music whilst keeping the Waikato music culture alive for ongoing generations
  • I would say that a choir always gets you chill down your spine!
  • Music is an international language
  • To learn where modern western music has developed from
  • An easy and fun way to maintain and increase your musical knowledge and skills. Lots of great people to make new connections with
  • To hear live music and to see and understand the different instruments of the orchestra.



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