Corporate Hosting

Hearing a live orchestra is unlike anything else!

We are thrilled to offer experiences that are guaranteed to excite, entertain and wow your guests.

An evening with us gives you the opportunity to share a one-of-a-kind night with your clients – an alternative from the usual go-to corporate event with a point of difference as your guests experience something truly memorable.

And with events year round and region wide, there’s plenty of choice.

We want to give you time to engage with your clients, to connect with your colleagues or to build relationships with prospective customers. As well as great seats for the performance, we can offer a pre-concert or post-concert reception, interval refreshments and your choice of a ‘backstage tour’ or ‘meet the musicians’ reception.

We make it easy by taking care of everything from invitations to’ thankyous-and-goodnights’ so you’re free to simply arrive on the night and have a great time. Or we can work with you to create something special for your clients.

And if growing a great team is your thing, talk to us about ‘Orchestrating Outcomes‘ – teaching leadership in ways you’ve never seen before!

We make it easy to have a great night out, having fun while building your business.

Talk to us now!

Not sure if an Orchestra is right for your clients? Read our First Timer’s Guide

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