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Opus Orchestra is indebted to the many years of support from Sponsors, private donors and Friends.  If you’d like to know more about become a Chair Sponsor, giving a donation to the Orchestra, becoming a sponsor – or  would simply like to join our mailing list (Become a FRIEND)  please complete the form below.
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By signing up as a Friend, you will receive emails about upcoming events in the town of your choice (or all if you prefer). You’ll also received a discount on adult tickets. We promise not to spam you. It’s FREE to become a Friend of the Orchestra.

  • Play with Opus

If you’re interested in playing for us, please complete this contact form.  We will contact you for more information.  Please note that Opus is a professional orchestra and auditions are held for potential new players.

  • Sponsor a Chair

There is an opportunity to support a particular instrument, or position within the Orchestra, and these ‘Chair Sponsors’ are recognised in our concert programmes (or can be anonymous if requested), and can meet the musician currently in the position. There’s also opportunity to sponsor a specific part of an orchestras presentation such as  venue, marketing channel or piece of equipment.

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