Kotahi Te Wairua

Kotahi Te Wairua is a cultural performance collective that fuses aspects of Maori language with contemporary musical resources.

Formed by songwriters Gail Tipene (Ngāpuhi Ngati hine ), Sharon Emirali (Ngaruahine), Anthony Grey ( Ngāpuhi Tainui ) and Stephen Small in 2011, Kotahi Te Wairua offers a unique representation of the unique Unity of Spirit found in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Kotahi Te Wairua presents a re-telling of the ancient Maori myth of Ranginui and Pāpātuanuku.  These entities from Maori mythology, the Sky-father, and Earth-mother, existed locked in a loving embrace.  Their progeny, the Young Gods, grew tall and strong and in their desperate struggle for space forcibly separated the parents.  In their struggle for identity and independence, the young Gods created the natural world, as we know it, leaving Rangi and Pāpā in aching separation forever.

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