Sharon Stephens

Sharon Stephens

Opus Orchestra – Violin

Sharon Stephens began playing the violin at primary school ‘because her friends were’. The give-it-a-go approach soon turned into a serious interest however.

Choice of university degree was difficult, but science won and she completed both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree at Waikato University. She then received a Bright Futures Scholarship, however her PhD study was halted with the birth of her first son, and with the realisation that full-time child care was not for her, Sharon was put back onto the path of music.

Sharon became a regular player with Opus Orchestra and received a grant to further her training with lessons in Auckland. She established her private teaching studio and also took up a number of violin teaching positions in Hamilton schools.

Sharon now works as a freelance violinist and has a busy teaching schedule, both privately and in schools. She continues to play for Opus Orchestra, and is a past concertmaster for the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra. She is also Mum to four fantastic children, and is loving the journey of sharing her love of music with them.

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