Review – Midwinter Tales (Tauranga) by Lara, aged 8

Peter and the wolf concert

Yesterday I went to the Peter and the wolf concert. I really enjoyed the music. It was also cool how there was a talker. It is hard to imagine how long you would have to practice for the concert. Also the second half was very amazing. I liked the talker’s different voices. I also enjoyed the fast parts. Also the lion in the meadow was amazing and funny. I was very excited on the morning of the concert. My sister went on stage I was very proud of her. I also liked when the music played. It was awesome how they all played in time. I sat at the very side with my three friends. I sat there because at the end me and my friend were doing the flowers. Also the conductor was good. At the start my friends and I were excited for the music to start. In the concert there were very funny parts. I like going to the concerts of my Mum. Then we went to give the flowers and wine out. Then sadly the concert was over.

(made by Lara.) (age 8)

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