STUDENT REVIEWS: Ahead of the Game

Last September I had the pleasure of watching the OPUS Ahead of the Game Concert. As I’d never heard a professional Marimba being played before, I was interested to see what I was in for. I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed with the outstanding performance that night, as the musicians wowed the audience with their talent and left me personally, buzzing days after. The marimba was breathtakingly moving and played a unique piece that was unexpectedly cleaver. Not only was it amazing to listen too, but also to watch, as it was very fascinating to see such a rare instrument being performed with such talent.

I was lucky enough to meet some of the performers afterwards. They were all very kind to give me a small amount of their night which I felt very grateful to have.

Well done OPUS! You truly amazed the audience that night.  

Bella Scott – member YOW


I really enjoyed the Opus Orchestra concert last night, Ahead of the Game.

My favourite songs which you played are the Marimba Concerto and The Farewell. The Marimba Concerto sounded to me like a dramatic song about a ship in a stormy sea. The Farewell was funny at the end when

everyone started leaving the stage, including the conductor, until  only two musicians were left (Haydn and Luigi Tomasini)! My mum and I recognised Kaia’s dad and grandma, Lara, Melody and you playing in the orchestra. How amazing is that!

As I said, I really enjoyed my first orchestra concert. It was really memorable.

Frances Gregory


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