Business continuity and support for our most vulnerable are absolutely critical right now. And, so is ensuring the good mental health of people who are isolated through the next four weeks and beyond.

There are now opportunities to be truly innovative about how we can connect to each other. As leaders in the arts sector we are working on some exciting ideas that will enable and encourage musicians to continue to have a creative outlet – and ways our audiences can stay connected to us.

Music is good for the soul, and right now, that’s more important than ever.

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  • Contact us to join the Rusty Player Orchestra or TWSO. This will get you access to music that you can practice at home
    • When you feel ready, you can play along with some selected performances on Youtube – we’ll even give you the links.
    • Remember, you can simplify the music if you need to by, for example, playing an octave lower or playing the first note of each group of semiquavers – whatever it takes to make the music satisfying and achievable!
  • Watch our performances on Youtube
  • Download our interactive education resources and get your kids busy (you can watch the show on Youtube too!). More about our childrens concerts here
  • Find us on Facebook and be part of the digital orchestra community
  • Catch up on some reading with our digital programmes and Counterpoint Magazine
  • Keep checking back for more information about #talkestra and #couchestra – coming to your living room from March 30!


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