Review: Opus Orchestra – Unfinished

What: Opus Orchestra Where: Destiny Church, Rotorua When: Saturday 30 November 2019 Once again the conductor and players showed that, despite Opus’s modest size, they had the capabilities needed to take on major symphonies with flair. Conductor Peter Walls had clearly prepared the programme well, and the players had the tonal breadth, spirit, and skills… Continue Reading

Reviews: Song of the Earth (Hamilton)

A review from a first-time audience member: “Simon’s and the orchestra performance brought me so many feelings and reflections about life. It was healing, powerful, joyful. I felt really lucky to be part of the privileged audience. Thank you so much for making it happen and I can’t wait for the next events.” M   Continue Reading

Review: Opus Orchestra – Born in the USA (Rotorua)

Review: Opus Orchestra – Born in the USA (Rotorua)

WHERE: DESTINY CHURCH THEATRE, ROTORUA WHEN: SATURDAY 20 JULY 2019 The orchestra started the 2019 season in fine fashion with ‘Born in the USA’, a programme which contrasts music with American links and traditional compositions. Conductor Peter Walls had chosen works which made the concert gratifying to both players and audience. Robert Schumann’s ‘Overture, Scherzo and… Continue Reading

REVIEW: Opus Ensemble and Scholars Aotearoa ‘Gloria’

Scholars Baroque Aotearoa with an Opus Ensemble St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Mount Maunganui Sat 25 / Sun 26 May, 2019 If any reader should be of the opinion that church music from the late 17th to early 18th centuries should be reserved for po-faced old fogies you would almost certainly have a change of mind… Continue Reading

REVIEW: Opus Orchestra | Ahead of the Game (Rotorua)

Review for Daily Post by Hanno Fairburn of Opus Orchestra concert, Rotorua, 30 September 2018 What: Opus Orchestra Where: Destiny Church When: Sunday 30 September 2018 Opus’s conductor Peter Walls deserves high praise for devising a programme of distinction and leading an orchestra which had consistent freshness and vitality. Bach’s Ouverture No.1 made a bright… Continue Reading

REVIEW: Opus Orchestra | Ahead of the Game (Tauranga)

Pure energy as Opus Orchestra stays ahead of the game By Leon Gray THERE’S only one thing that beats an eclectic programme when it comes to an orchestral performance: an ‘electric’ one; which is what the small but enchanted audience got on Saturday afternoon at Tauranga Boys College. With breathless excitement, those present bore witness… Continue Reading

STUDENT REVIEWS: Ahead of the Game

Last September I had the pleasure of watching the OPUS Ahead of the Game Concert. As I’d never heard a professional Marimba being played before, I was interested to see what I was in for. I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed with the outstanding performance that night, as the musicians wowed… Continue Reading