Music to go

Music to go was presented in partnership with the Breeze radio station. Our string quartet took music to deserving recipients who had gone ‘above and beyond’ during lockdown.  Watch a snippet of our concert performed for the staff at the Molecular Biology department of Waikato Hospital We were committed to continuing as much activity as… Continue Reading

PRESS RELEASE: War of the Titans – a world wide battle!

  The People’s Orchestra showcase the first of their exciting commonwealth orchestral collaborations. The People’s Orchestra, based in the United Kingdom is tackling life in lockdown with the production of its first virtual performance with its pilot virtual commonwealth orchestra. Never shying away from a challenge, musicians at The People’s Orchestra have turned the global… Continue Reading

Tuning up for #talkestra

Tuning up for #talkestra       photo credit: Richard Lummus; Robert Lummus’ trombone     Continue Reading


New Zealand is planning and responding to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, as the particular strain is called. As this happens, I thought I would let you know that we too are planning and preparing. We are developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and are continuously monitoring the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health communications… Continue Reading

The Power of an Orchestra

Some people think that if a community can simply say it has an orchestra, that’s enough. This way of thinking suggests that an orchestra’s value lies in bragging rights, wherein community leaders proudly point to their orchestra’s existence as an enticement to bring new businesses and residents into their communities. While it is certainly legitimate… Continue Reading

Review: Opus Orchestra – Unfinished

What: Opus Orchestra Where: Destiny Church, Rotorua When: Saturday 30 November 2019 Once again the conductor and players showed that, despite Opus’s modest size, they had the capabilities needed to take on major symphonies with flair. Conductor Peter Walls had clearly prepared the programme well, and the players had the tonal breadth, spirit, and skills… Continue Reading

Reviews: Song of the Earth (Hamilton)

A review from a first-time audience member: “Simon’s and the orchestra performance brought me so many feelings and reflections about life. It was healing, powerful, joyful. I felt really lucky to be part of the privileged audience. Thank you so much for making it happen and I can’t wait for the next events.” M   Continue Reading

A history of the TWSO

The Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra is going from strength to strength. Congratulations. But the history info saying the TWSO had its beginnings back in 1945 is not correct. Yes, there were orchestral & smaller groups playing in Hamilton many years prior,  but I have no knowledge of them.. Nor do I  know anything about the… Continue Reading